Dental care is vital to maintain natural teeth and enhance the quality of life for elderly people. Many people think that conditions such as toothaches, tooth loss, gum disease and dry mouth happen naturally as you grow old. The truth is, many different things can cause dental problems and good dental care can help avoid many issues. Factors such as periodontal disease, side effects of medications, poor diet can affect oral health of elderly people.

Caring for elderly teeth poses a number of significant challenges. That’s because as we age, we can be at increased risk for several oral care problems, including:

  • Dark teeth caused by age-related changes in the enamel and the dentin that lies beneath the enamel
  • Dry mouth that occurs as the result of diseases or from certain medications or medical treatments (and which in turn can result in cavities)
  • Root decay and gum disease, including receding gums, caused by disease, medications, dentures, smoking and other issues
  • Diminished sense of taste due to disease, medications, denture wear and other factors
  • Increased risk for diseases that can cause dental problems, such as diabetes
  • Tooth loss
  • Uneven jaw bone or bite issues when missing teeth are not replaced
  • Oral candidiasis, or thrush, which can develop as the result of some immune-compromising drugs or medical treatments
  • Stomatitis, or sore or inflamed mouth, which can occur as a result of wearing dentures, poor oral hygiene and other causes

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